"Don’t marry a man unless you would be proud to have a son exactly like him."


if you stare at me in public my self esteem will drop 100%

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fun drinking game: take a shot of water every couple hours to make sure you’re healthy and hydrated

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ultimate level of a relationship is when you don’t feel embarrassed to fart or burp in front of each other

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"There’s like a million different ways to say “I love you,”
“put your seat belt on,”
“watch your step,”
“get some rest,” …you’ve just got to listen."

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"You can be in a relationship for two years and feel nothing; you can be in a relationship for 2 months and feel everything. Time is not a measure of quality; of infatuation, or of love."

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"I still remember the night I told you I was in love with you"

"Whoever it is you fall in love with for the first time, not just love but be in love with, is the one who will always make you angry, the one you can’t be logical about."

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